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    Alien space eggs #projectionmapping

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    making stuff with adventureface and dtafm


  3. I found a place

    I found a place I like the look of and the people on the phone seem decent and they do what they say they’ll do and when I tell them a detail about my move they still remember it during the next phone call, which tells me they take notes when we talk.

    It’s not in LA, it’s in Oxnard.  That’s OK though, that’s closer to the mountains and ocean.  Those aren’t the main reasons I’m moving to California, but they are on the list.

    Also it’s a six month lease, so if I decide I don’t like it I can find a cheap little hole in the wall in some awesome old building in Hollywood this winter.

    Hooray I’m back to feeling good about this move.  I’m excited that I’m going to be a California person, even though I don’t know what exactly I mean by that yet.

  4. You don’t tell me what to do not

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  6. No… Airlock…

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  7. God save Google Earth.

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    Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove

    Delia Derbyshire, Suzanne Ciani and….Mr. Roger Manning Jr. of Moog Cookbook (aka the Weird Al of synth covers)

    Reblogged for Derbyshire, reblogged for Ciani,  and reblogged for proper identification of Manning.  

    Also, Dat Sonic Six.

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    I found these drawings in my computer, that I made last year to practise my animation posings, it was really fun to draw these characters :)

    Catching a Frisbee. I get it.

  10. Human time is ended

    My age dawns

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  11. Never figured Supes for a Red Label guy

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    El jardin de las delicias under Processing

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  15. Help me find a place in LA to live for a bit OK?

    My place that I was all excited about in the Valley fell through, due to the apartment management being a carful of clowns. I’m going to be Down and Out in LA in two weeks unless I find a sublet, roommate situation or Audio/Visual Art Collective Cult House that:

    A) Accepts cats
    B) Offers high-speed internet (this is a job requirement, not just me needing to check my twitter)

    If anyone of my peeps knows someone or someplace in the Greater LA area (Valley, Westside, Hwood, NoHo, Thousand Oaks, Ventura Co., pretty much wherever) that meets these criteria, please let me know. Ideally this would be a short-term or month-to-month arrangement so I can buy some time to pound the pavement and find a more permanent solution.

    Help me clear this hurdle!  Thanks all.  Pic related; me and one cat (I’m fatter now, other cat is tailless like a people baby)