1. Why I never play any games online ever ever

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  2. theburninggiraffe:

    Superfluid helium. It creeps up the wall of the cup, comes down the outside and forms a drop. It does this until the cup is empty

    it what

  3. montypla:



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    which is even funnier because she’s the reason lesbians are called lesbians. she was know as sappho of lesbos and her poems were all about her love for women

    And “sapphic” means lesbian, after her.

    Dick Allcocks? Of the Man Island Allcocks?

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  4. seselapod:


    photosynthesis… hacked

    we’ve accessed the mainframe

    Cool, finally we can have a bunch more people on this planet

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  5. Same

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  6. My cat is helping me learn the Roland Airas.

  7. wtfbyrne:

    Binary Pattern Generator, Korg MS-20, and Jitter

    Nice nice

  8. dominicewan:

    Hand drawn hypercube animation.
    I’ve been facinated by the fourth dimension for really quite long, this gif goes between a hypercube in 0,1,2,3,4 dimensions and back again.  

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  9. fruitsoftheweb:

    4-Dimensional Rotation

    Inside the outside of a horse

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  10. Fruity noght bats

  11. Friday night beatzz

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    What the heck

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  14. Now I have two Airas; a drum machine and a monosynth. If I keep this up my living room is gonna look like a Roland product demo booth but IDGAF


  15. Sold a grip of old synths and gear I was cool on and walked out with a new bass line synth and some walking-around money.

    Shit yeah