1. Human time is ended

    My age dawns

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  2. Never figured Supes for a Red Label guy

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    El jardin de las delicias under Processing

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  6. Help me find a place in LA to live for a bit OK?

    My place that I was all excited about in the Valley fell through, due to the apartment management being a carful of clowns. I’m going to be Down and Out in LA in two weeks unless I find a sublet, roommate situation or Audio/Visual Art Collective Cult House that:

    A) Accepts cats
    B) Offers high-speed internet (this is a job requirement, not just me needing to check my twitter)

    If anyone of my peeps knows someone or someplace in the Greater LA area (Valley, Westside, Hwood, NoHo, Thousand Oaks, Ventura Co., pretty much wherever) that meets these criteria, please let me know. Ideally this would be a short-term or month-to-month arrangement so I can buy some time to pound the pavement and find a more permanent solution.

    Help me clear this hurdle!  Thanks all.  Pic related; me and one cat (I’m fatter now, other cat is tailless like a people baby)

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    The Haimster

    Yeah boyee!


    This one I think

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    Dirty Commie Hippie Moog Jam

    Damn that hippie has some firepower

  10. @bionikbastard

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  13. Excitement in Southern California

    Well the apartment I thought I had in the Valley got rented out from under me by the idiots running the place, so in two weeks I’m going to be homeless.

    I’m looking at places in Ventura county now, because it seems like a relaxing place to live.

    What other possible criteria could there be for moving thousands of miles across the country, leaving behind my best friend and all my loved ones

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    The same dream every night…but what does it mean?

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