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    Never realized how big the 60 is. Damn.

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    Love the hard drive

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    3D Doodler

    Pre alpha demo by Ashok Mathew Kuruvilla is a 3D modelling app with Google Cardboard and a simple hack pointer interface (made with an AR marker and earphones).

    It is certainly primitive and doesn’t compare to the far more sophisticated and slick Tiltbrush, yet is impressive to see what can be done with smartphone augmented reality - video embedded below:

    Here is another video demonstrating a construction of a 3D scene using primitive shapes:

    I have made a major update to the 3D Doodler app to create 3D content in augmented reality space. The new additions include the color picker, more basic shapes, selection tool and VR mode to view the created content in Virtual Reality.

    You can follow Ashok’s progress here

    Holy damn

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    Dude did like 20,000 crimes

    So many crimes

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  7. tumblr

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    (Mexica) Aztec dancers. 

    Mexica dancers are my favorite! Sorry powwow family! ♡♡♡♡

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  9. This looks like Level 14 of something

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    Anako’ - Souviron hut conversion, St. Martin 2013. Photos (C) Thomas Jantscher.

    Damn. DAMN.

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    cooking street drugs

    Ayo you got that dirt

  14. Scatter is good for fills.

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